Explore what you can do with 4-H

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Agriculture & Livestock

From stock shows to beef, dairy, goats, dogs and cats, learn responsibility with animals.

Agriculture & Livestock Category

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Family & Community Health

Be a star in the kitchen or a smart shopper - be a leader in your family with healthy

Family & Community Health Category

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Leadership & Citizenship

Practice your public speaking skills, help your community, & become a better leader!

Leadership & Citizenship Category

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Natural Resources

Love being outside? Come learn about wildlife, forestry, shooting sports, water conservation & wildlife & fisheries.

Natural Resources Category

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Learn about robotics, computers, alternative energy, engineering, rocketry , theater, performance art and photography.

STEM Category

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Engineering Projects

If math, science or technology is your thing, learn to build robots and rockets! Explore the universe!

Engineering Projects Category

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Science Projects

Explore the world through our science projects - veterinary, bugs, plants, gardening, technology & more.

Science Projects Category

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Recreational Activities

Get Active! You'll love to learn about outdoor education, sportfishing, gardening and even travel.

Recreational Activities Category