Texas 4-H Robotics Program

Bring 4-H Robotics to your 4-H Club or County Program! The 4-H Robotics Curriculum is designed to meet the diverse requirements of 4-H clubs, after-school programs, individual youth and school enrichment activities. The curriculum was developed for all levels of expertise: from beginning to advanced.

Texas 4-H offers a variety of programs, activities and events designed specifically to support and enhance volunteer participation and involvement in kids’ lives. Starting a local 4-H Robotics Club gives youth the opportunity to participate in many 4-H events and activities, as well as apply for scholarships, travel the country, and meet new friends. But most of all 4-H is for youth, and 4-H is fun!

Educational Workshops and Webinars

Additional workshops can be coordinated through your County Extension Office.

Contest Information

  • Wichita County 4-H GEAR Robotics Invitational
    Contest Type:  GEAR Robotics
    Eligibility:  Actively enrolled Texas 4-H members
    Date:  June 4, 2014
    Location: Midwestern State University
    Check-in Time:  8 – 8:30 a.m.
    Cost:  $40/team
    Registration:  postmarked by May 23, 2014
    Limit:  20 team maximum
    Registration Form – PDF
    Mail registration forms to:
    Wichita County 4-H
    600 Scott Ave.
    Suite 200
    Wichita Falls, TXWhat to Bring (per team):

    • 1 pre-programmed Lego robot (RCX, NXT or EV3)
    • 1 power strip
    • 1 laptop with Lego software
    • Items for educational presentation (if needed)
    • 1 GEAR Robotics practice game mat (optional)

Texas 4-H GEAR Robotics Resources
(applies to Texas 4-H sponsored contests only)

  • General Rules – PDF
  • MoonPost Game Rules and Objectives – PDF
  • Game Piece Materials List – PDF
  • Game Mat Order Site – link   Note:  When printed, this 4-H mat has different dimensions than the official GEAR contest mat noted in the game’s guide. Teams will need to purchase this version of the mat to practice on if they will be competing a state 4-H sponsored tournament.  The mat linked here will be used for all state 4-H sponsored GEAR games.  If a team is competing in a non 4-H sponsored contest, the team will need to use the mat the contest sponsor provides or dimensions they note in their rules.
  • Score Sheet – PDF
  • 2013 Contest Montage Video – link

Resources and Curriculum
(no product endorsement implied or intended)

  • National 4-H Robotics – link
  • Junk Drawer Robotics Curriculum – link
  • Platform Robotics – link
  • Virtual Robotics – link
  • Lego Education – link
  • GEAR Robotics – link
  • VEX Robotics – link
  • Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation  – link
  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy – link
  • Gearing Up 4-H Robotics Series – link
  • Texas Tech University Lego Robotics – link
  • Lego Engineering – link
  • How to Make a Robot Lesson (Robotshop) – link
  • NXT Tutorial (STEMcentric) – link

GEAR Tech 21 – GIS/GPS and Robotics

GEAR-Tech-21 teaches robotics, GPS, and GIS technologies through building and programming a robot, navigation, and mapmaking activities.  GEAR Tech 21 has step-by-step guides and resources. It’s real learning with real adventures! Your club can even compete in virtual competitions with teams located across the country.  GEAR-Tech-21 is based on the Nebraska Robotics and GPS/GIS in 4-H: Workforce Skills for the 21st Century program and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Parents, volunteers, and youth – you can start your own GEAR-Tech-21 group in your area or coordinate a GEAR-Tech-21 summer camp.  Contact Derrick Bruton for GT21 training information.

SPIN Club – Start your own 4-H Robotics Club!

All 4-H clubs must be chartered for authorization to use the 4-H name and emblem. The charter becomes a permit for use of the 4-H club name and emblem and allows a group to function with the rights of the 4-H program. For more information on starting your own club, download the PDF.

Contact Information

Mr. Derrick Bruton
Extension Program Specialist – 4-H
District 4
17360 Coit Road
Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: 972-952-9264
Fax: 972-952-9632
E-mail: dbruton@ag.tamu.edu

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