We host a virtual educational conference for volunteers three times each year.

Recorded sessions from previous virtual conferences can be accessed below.


video iconKEYNOTE: Growing 4-H’s Reac…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconLeaders 4 Lifehttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo icon4-H Horse Project Opportuni…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconImplementing Take a Standhttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconKEYNOTE: Generations and Pr…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconLet’s Click It – Starting a…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconDuds to Dazzle 101https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconFood & Nutrition Curriculum…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconConsumer Decision Makinghttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconTexas Friendly Ambassador:…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconDuds to Dazzle: Let the Fun…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconJudging Contest Reasonshttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconRecordkeeping – It’s More T…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconDomo Arigato Mr. Roboto!https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconUnited Future Leadershttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconSafe Sitters SPIN Clubhttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconDeveloping Shooting Sports…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconCAPNOTE: Chris Bolemanhttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconShare-the-Fun: The Nuts & B…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconConsumer Decision Makinghttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconExpanding Your 4-H Experienceshttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconShare-the-Fun: Music, Vocal…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconLeading through Communicationhttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconShare-the-Fun: Celebrate 4-…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconSpeed Judginghttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconTour de New 4-H Websitehttps://agrilife-tamu.webex.comvideo iconResources for Teaching Lead…https://agrilife-tamu.webex.com

Volunteers are the heart of Texas 4-H! Without you, it wouldn’t be possible – here’s what you need to do your job well.

We know that club finances can seem overwhelming, but you’re not alone. You’ll find tips for how to manage your club finances in pages 48-54 of the club management guide (and more financial resources below). For instance, did you know that 4-H clubs are not automatically state tax exempt? The guide will tell you how to make activities tax exempt and other helpful financial procedures.

“Chartering” is the formal, legal process of becoming an official 4-H club. A 4-H charter is a “permit” issued annually for use of the 4-H club name and emblem. You must submit a charter application with club financial information, membership list, and bylaws. We may also ask you for an annual planning sheet, fundraising request forms, and monthly reports of attendance and programs. How to charter a new club.

Once a club/group is officially chartered, the county office can download a letter from 4-H CONNECT with the club name to validate their charter recognition for the year. Review protecting our youth guidelines.


“Grow #TrueLeaders” Toolkit

Club Leader Essentials


Club/Group Charter and Finances

Family and Consumer Sciences - FCS Resources

Download logos below and see the NIFA information page on using the 4-H Name and Emblem.

Black and White

Green Outline

Black Outline

Green Clover


Texas Clover

These meeting inspiration topics are useful for club leaders to organize monthly club activities. Topic inspiration helps club leaders facilitate organized and fun monthly meetings for 4-H members. The officer installation activities provided creative ways to welcome new officers and teach them about their roles as officers in 4-H.

Each month has suggestions for recreation, a ice breaker, community service, the flag ceremony, the inspirational quote of the month, and ideas for that month’s program. There are four years of suggestions provided. The monthly themes are meant to be cycled through again once the fourth year has been finished.

Meeting Resources

Monthly meeting topics

Installation Ceremony