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We host a virtual educational conference for volunteers three times each year.

Texas 4-H Summit: September 1st and 2nd
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September 1, 2016

Time Workshop Title Workshop Description
9:30 AM 4-H Explore Project Book – Character The ever changing decree of society continues to push the propriety boundaries. Insuring youth are raised with a moral compass continues to be an ambition for communities and schools alike. Unethical behavior is not something new. However, the medium in which the behavior is exhibited is. Advances in technology such as social media have given way to numerous new forums for character education programming. Join in to learn more about the Character Education resources available and the new format created to package programs in an easy use format that will enable participants to experience lessons through the steps of the experiential learning model.
9:30 AM Ag Awareness Day Ag Awareness in Nueces County – A 3-day event that reaches over 1000 3rd graders.
10:00 AM Infographics – get the word out through images! Have you seen infographics on social media or in print media? Have you ever considered using this format to educate the public, stakeholders, and your 4-H clientele about your programs? This workshop will show you the value of this communication tool in recruiting and reporting to those that fund your program, supervisors, and other stakeholders. We will teach you what catches your audience’s attention and also, what makes an infographic ineffective. You will also understand how to use an infographic on the most popular social media platforms.
10:00 AM Consumer Education – Explore Project Book This session will walk you through the newly designed CDM Explore Book. There will be six different lessons with activities covered within this training. Details and instructions will be given out to volunteers to assist with being able to start and train a Consumer Decision Making team.
10:00 AM S.T.E.M. Day Camp What do robots, drones and slime all have in common? They are super fun camp activities! Take your next 4-H day camp to the next level by introducing the world of S.T.E.M. to youth in your county. Plus make it a recruitment event!!!!
11:00 AM Explore Interior Design The Texas 4-H Interior Design session is one you don’t want to miss! In this session, we will discuss the updated curriculum which assists 4-H members in designing their own space. This first book focuses on the basics of an interior design project. A few of the lessons include: color principles, design principles, inspiration, painting, and wallpapering. Many youth find a natural talen in this subject area. 4-H is proud to offer a curriculum that will not only embrace this ability but strengthen it as well!
11:00 AM Let’s Crack A Yolk One of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door with your local school districts is to do the Hatching in the Classroom program. Hatching in the Classroom not only meets our STEM objectives but it meets the TEKS life cycle requirements in elementary schools. Using the curriculum gathered by agents, teachers will have endless lessons to choose from to meet our curriculum enrichment requirements. Lessons include writing, math, science and hands on activities. With local hatcheries discontinuing the sale of hatching eggs, finding resources has never been more challenging. Come find out our tips and tricks for a successful hatch!
1:30 PM Explore Leadership This workshop will introduce the Explore Leadership series. The first booklet comprises six lessons addressing Personal Leadership Development.
1:30 PM Getting Your Foot in the Door Having trouble with your curriculum enrichment numbers? Are teachers and schools giving you the cold shoulder? Host a Teacher Workshop and they will come to you! Several counties have found success with hosting a teacher workshop either in their county or with their Region center. Partner with specialists, neighboring agents, local experts and host a teacher workshop! Teachers get continuing credit hours from you and now they know what you have to offer to their students!
2:00 PM 4-H Recognition: Understanding the Texas 4-H Gold Star Award Workshop will highlight the history of the Texas 4-H Gold Star Award, the criteria for applying, as well as how quotas for county’s are determined. This workshop will be focused to more of the overall facts of the awards with exposure to the new application and interview process.
2:00 PM A Day in the Ring/Heart of the Champion Working with youth and livestock takes on a whole new perspective when you host a show for kids that are a little extra special. Hosting a stock show for special needs youth can be easily incorporated into a show you are already hosting. By pairing those youth with 4-H/FFA youth, everyone involved is impacted (even those in the stands watching).
2:00 PM 4-H Wildlife Project The 4-H Wildlife Project can be diverse to cover many topics pertaining to the entire state of Texas, or it can be focused to study the specific wildlife and habitat in a single county or town, or even backyard. This session will cover the Wildlife Project opportunities available through the state 4-H Natural Resources Program – from educational resources to events. We will talk about how to get hte project started and programming ideas to support it. Attend with all your questions in mind, and let’s get them answered so you can begin a wildlife adventure in your 4-H club.
3:00 PM Implementing Quality Counts in Livestock Projects Gain a greater understanding of curriculum focus and ways to implement the program in livestock projects. Hear firsthand the new and exciting additions to Quality Counts and the outlook for the future of Quality Counts.
3:00 PM 4-H Leadership Academy This workshop will take leadership to the next level for 4-H youth. Use team building, leadership training, and parliamentary procedure to strengthen your 4-H Council Officer Team. Tips will be given on how to take the leadership project to the next level.

September 2, 2016

Time Workshop Title: Workshop Description:
9:30 AM Youth Ag Tour Learn how to plan and implement a multi-county youth ag tour by incorporating industry leaders, stakeholders, and other community leaders in those counties. This program is utilized to educate youth on agricultural concepts from production to consumption, as well as, how to become true advocates for the agriculture industry.
9:30 AM Updates in the Clothing and Textiles Project Every year there are changes to the rules, guidelines and paperwork in the clothing and textiles project. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to hear first-hand the changes to the 2017 contest guidelines and paperwork. You will hear about some great learning activities that are available to all clothing and textiles project members, like the alpaca wool challenge, quilt challenge and Re-Fashion Retreat. Last but not least you hear about resources that are available to support local clothing and textiles projectwork.
9:30 AM Explore Theater and Performance Arts Join us as we highlight the new Theater and Performance Arts EXPLORE book! We will engage in some fun activities to do with your youth that teach skills helpful for theater arts. Use these activities to enhance your Share-the-Fun teams’ performance! Join us for some fun!
10:00 AM Mentoring the Digital Native Mentoring in the digital age can be mutually beneficial. We must close the technology gap and broaden our methods of mentoring, to include more digital platforms. We will also explore teh concept of connected learning. Connected learning learning thrives in a socially meaningful and knowledge-rich ecology of ongoing participation, self-expression and recognition. In their everyday exchanges with peers and friends, young people fluidly contribute, share and give feedback. Powered with possibilities made available by today’s social media, this peer culture can produce learning that’s engaging and powerful. /
10:00 AM Implementation and Resources for Youth Veterinary Science This session will be used to highlight resources to enhance and implement new Youth Veterinary Science projects in County 4-H programs in Texas. The presenter will share online and print resources to help 4-H members gain an understanding about Veterinary Science and some of the benefits that come with the project area. Materials that will be shared can also be used to enhance Agricultural Literacy programs.
11:00 AM Explore Duds to Dazzle In this workshop, volunteers and agents will be introduced to a series of six lessons that they can use to teach key elements of the Duds to Dazzle contest. Each lesson provides subject matter knowledge along with hands-on lessons to make learning fun. Topics include: product selection & developing sewing skills, creating a business plan, building teamwork, presentation skills and getting to know your sewing kit.
11:00 AM Explore Photography This workshop will provide an overview of the New Texas 4-H Photography Explorer Book and lead agents through some of the experiences that be incorporated into project experiences.
11:00 AM Online Volunteer Trainings now available!!! Join us for this session to learn about the NEW, ONLINE VOLUNTEER TRAININGS that are now available via 4-H CONNECT. Get a sneak peek, and find out what trainings are required of volunteers and which ones are optional, as well as future trainings that are planned.
1:30 PM Join the Conversation: WebEx Update for 4-H Families Looking for a new way to reach 4-H families with timely information? Want to expand your use of technology? This workshop will show you how to reach your 4-H volunteers with them being in the comfort of their own home! Come rain or shine you will be able to educate using WebEx.
1:30 PM Explore Food & Nutrition Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the new resources developed to support the 4-H Food & Nutrition project! Get a sneak peek, try some out for yourself, and learn how easy it is to use the lessons when working with youth.
1:30 PM Explore Rabbits Are you a volunteer in charge of the rabbit project? An agent trying to figure out how to help 4-H members get started in the rabbit project? Or are you and your family new to the rabbit project? If so, then this session is for you! We will be introducing the new Showing Rabbits Explore document here! The document contains six lessons and activities that directly tie to showing rabbits. This is a great way to get started and feel a little more prepared for the year ahead. Be sure to make plans to join us!
2:00 PM In-School Leadership Training for 5th graders This workshop will describe how to plan, implement, and evaluate an in-school “Leadership Day” for 5th grade students. Information will be provided on the planning group (how it was formed, how often it met, etc), the resources used, the execution of the event, and the results. This program also trained the 5th graders to “Be the Teacher” for the 4th graders that are going to be the leaders on campus next year. That event was held 5 days after the original event.
2:00 PM Texas 4-H Livestock, Equine and Advocacy Ambassadors Learn more about the Ambassador experience and phases offered throughout the program. Outline the steps to become an Ambassador, Discuss how CEA’s can engage Ambassadors once they are in the program, and highlight program updates. It should be noted that this workshop is intended for all CEAs, not just experienced agents as indicated below.
2:00 PM The Scientific Method & Research Poster The Scientific Method is an organized way that helps scientists (or anyone) answer a question or begin to solve a problem. There are usually seven parts to it; Purpose/question, independent variable, dependent variable, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, and conclusion. The scientific poster is a communication tool commonly used by scientists to present their summarized scientific investigation and results concisely and attractively. Research posters combines a verbal presentation with a visual aid such as; tables, pictures, and graphs. They are widely used in the academic community, and most conferences include poster presentations in their program.
2:30 PM Moving Your Leadership Line Regardless of the project experience, in 4-H you can LEARN leadership. This session will focus on “Moving Your Leadership Line” through the 4-H learning experience. It will also motivate YOU to go out and accomplish new and exciting goals for this new 4-H year!

Recorded sessions from previous virtual conferences can be accessed below.


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Volunteers are the heart of Texas 4-H! Without you, it wouldn’t be possible – here’s what you need to do your job well.

We know that club finances can seem overwhelming, but you’re not alone. You’ll find tips for how to manage your club finances in pages 48-54 of the club management guide (and more financial resources below). For instance, did you know that 4-H clubs are not automatically state tax exempt? The guide will tell you how to make activities tax exempt and other helpful financial procedures.

“Chartering” is the formal, legal process of becoming an official 4-H club. A 4-H charter is a “permit” issued annually for use of the 4-H club name and emblem. You must submit a charter application with club financial information, membership list, and bylaws. We may also ask you for an annual planning sheet, fundraising request forms, and monthly reports of attendance and programs.

Once a club/group is officially chartered, the county office can download a letter from 4-H CONNECT with the club name to validate their charter recognition for the year. Review protecting our youth guidelines.


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Club/Group Charter and Finances

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Download logos below and see the NIFA information page on using the 4-H Name and Emblem.

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These meeting inspiration topics are useful for club leaders to organize monthly club activities. Topic inspiration helps club leaders facilitate organized and fun monthly meetings for 4-H members. The officer installation activities provided creative ways to welcome new officers and teach them about their roles as officers in 4-H.

Each month has suggestions for recreation, a ice breaker, community service, the flag ceremony, the inspirational quote of the month, and ideas for that month’s program. There are four years of suggestions provided. The monthly themes are meant to be cycled through again once the fourth year has been finished.

Meeting Resources

Monthly meeting topics

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