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  • 2013 Scholarship Winner List – PDF

Texas 4-H Youth Development Opportunity Scholarship

Texas 4-H Youth Development Program Opportunity Scholarships are ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS awarded each year to applicants based on their academic record, 4-H experience, and financial need (for scholarships for which it is a required criterion). The Texas 4-H Youth Development Opportunity Scholarship Program is conducted in coordination with the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program, the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation, and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. All applications must be submitted through the applicant’s county Extension office and meet all criteria to be considered.

Approximately 225 academically-competitive scholarships will be awarded in the 2014 Texas 4-H Scholarship Program ranging in amounts from $1000 to $20,000 (amount established by donor). No scholarship recipient whose award is based on this application process will receive less than $1000 (may require receiving a combination of scholarships totaling $1000). The Texas 4-H Foundation seeks to ensure that each recipient receives the highest dollar amount of scholarship for which that recipient is eligible. For the majority of the total scholarships and scholarship funds available, participation in a livestock show is not a requirement for consideration for an Opportunity Scholarship.

There will not be a 2014 SALE Rural scholarship.

Resources Available

  • 2014 Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship Guidelines – PDF
  • 2014 Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship Examples – PDF
  • 2014 Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship Application – Word
  • 2014 Texas 4-H Collegiate Scholarship Application – Word
  • FAFSA Supplemental Instructions – PDF

Important Dates To Remember

  • October, 2013 Release of 2014 Application
  • November – January Scholarship Trainings
  • November – December Applicant complete FAFSA
  • Set by County Office Application due to County Office
  • February 7, 2014 Applications due to District Office
  • February 21, 2014 Applications due to State 4-H Office
  • April 11, 2014 Interview selection notification
  • May 9-11, 2014 Interviews in Austin, Texas
  • June 9, 2014 Awards Assembly in College Station

Scholarship Training

  • District 2 Online Scholarship Training – link | PDF
  • District 3 Online Scholarship Training  – link PDF
  • District 7 Scholarship Training – PDF

Texas Extension Education Association Scholarship

The Texas Home Demonstration Association was organized in August, 1926 by 399 women attending a Farmer’s Short course at A&M University. One of the purposes for organizing was to establish a scholarship for a deserving 4-H girl. This original scholarship of $200 has grown to 12 in 2002, given annually at $1000 each; however, in 1997, only four $l,000 scholarships were given due to lack of funds. Funding of these scholarships began with a 5 cent donation per member in 1926. Scholarships are now funded through the annual TEEA budget and awarded to a 4-H boy or girl.

Application for 2014 can be found on the TEEA website at:
(See Chapter 12 – Awards/Recognitions/Scholarships)

For more information about this scholarship, contact your County Family and Consumer Science Agent.  They will work with the District TEEA Directors for deadlines. Find your local county office.

College and Career Resources

The Texas 4-H Youth Development is committed to assisting young people, both in 4-H and not, have the resources and information to make the right decisions about their future.  To explore the opportunities for careers and colleges select the link below.

  • Free Application for Student Student Aid – link
  • YouTube Video: How to fill out the FAFSA – Steps 1 – 7   – link
  • College for Texans – link
  • Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Compendium of Texas Colleges – link
  • College Searches and Financial Aid – link

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