Texas 4-H Robotics Program

Bring 4-H Robotics to your 4-H Club or County Program! The 4-H Robotics Curriculum is designed to meet the diverse requirements of 4-H clubs, after-school programs, individual youth and school enrichment activities. The curriculum was developed for all levels of expertise: from beginning to advanced.

Texas 4-H offers a variety of programs, activities and events designed specifically to support and enhance volunteer participation and involvement in kids’ lives. Starting a local 4-H Robotics Club gives youth the opportunity to participate in many 4-H events and activities, as well as apply for scholarships, travel the country, and meet new friends. But most of all 4-H is for youth, and 4-H is fun!

Educational Workshops and Webinars

Additional workshops can be coordinated through your County Extension Office.

Contest Information

The Texas 4-H Robotics Advisory Committee has decided that GEAR Robotics is the contest format for our robotics program. Below are rules and resources related to the GEAR contest.

  • May 9              Wichita County 4-H GEAR Robotics Open Contest – PDF
  • May 16            DFW Area 4-H GEAR Robotics Contest – Coming soon

Texas 4-H GEAR Robotics Resources
(applies to Texas 4-H sponsored contests only)

  • General Rules – PDF
  • “Pyromania” Game Rules and Objectives – PDF
  • “Pyromania” Game Piece Materials List – PDF
  • Game Mat Order
    • Single mat: $138.94 (does not include shipping)
    • 10 or more mats: $57 each (does not include shipping)
    • To place an order, email Carla at Coldfire Signs at: cbrionez@coldfiresigns.com
    • It is recommended to contact other robotics programs near you to pool an order of 10 or more mats in order to get the significant discount.
    • For practice purposes, you can make your own or have a local company print one if you choose. Specifications can be found within the “Pyromania Game Rules and Objectives” document linked above
  • Game Table Building Instructions – link
  • Score Sheet – PDF
  • 2013 Contest Montage Video – link

Resources and Curriculum
(no product endorsement implied or intended)

  • National 4-H Robotics – Link
  • Junk Drawer Robotics Curriculum – Link
  • Platform Robotics – Link
  • Virtual Robotics – Link
  • Lego Education – Link
  • GEAR Robotics – Link
  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy – Link
  • Gearing Up 4-H Robotics Series – Link
  • Texas Tech University Lego Robotics – Link
  • Lego Engineering – Link
  • How to Make a Robot Lesson (Robotshop) – Link
  • NXT Tutorial (STEMcentric) – Link

GEAR Tech 21 – GIS/GPS and Robotics

GEAR-Tech-21 teaches robotics, GPS, and GIS technologies through building and programming a robot, navigation, and mapmaking activities.  GEAR Tech 21 has step-by-step guides and resources. It’s real learning with real adventures! Your club can even compete in virtual competitions with teams located across the country. GEAR-Tech-21 is based on the Nebraska Robotics and GPS/GIS in 4-H: Workforce Skills for the 21st Century program and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Parents, volunteers, and youth – you can start your own GEAR-Tech-21 group in your area or coordinate a GEAR-Tech-21 summer camp. For more information, visit: http://4hset.unl.edu/4hdrupal/

SPIN Club – Start your own 4-H Robotics Club!

All 4-H clubs must be chartered for authorization to use the 4-H name and emblem. The charter becomes a permit for use of the 4-H club name and emblem and allows a group to function with the rights of the 4-H program. For more information on starting your own club, download the PDF.

Contact Information

Mr. Derrick Bruton
Extension Program Specialist – 4-H
District 4
17360 Coit Road
Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: 972-952-9264
Fax: 972-952-9632
E-mail: dbruton@ag.tamu.edu

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