Golf Project

The golf project allows youth the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge in the areas of sports nutrition, golf course and turf grass management, and the rules and etiquette of golf while having fun by playing the game of golf. 

  • Project Description – PDF
  • Volunteer Description – PDF

Printed Resources

  • Texas 4-H Golf Challenge Manual – link
  • Winning with Nutrition Curriculum
  • Turf Grass and Golf Course Management Resources
  • Rules and Etiquette of Golf
  • TAMU Turf:  Cultivation and Layering
  • TAMU Turf:  Fertilization
  • TAMU Turf:  Mowing, Irrigation, & Overseeding
  • TAMU Turf:  Weeds, Insects, & Diseases
  • Golf SPIN Club Project Overview – PDF
  • Golf SPIN Club Model Club Meetings – Word
  • Golf Club Activities – PDF
  • Getting Started…Keys to Establishing a Successful Golf SPIN Club! – Word

Website Resources

  • Texas 4-H Golf Challenge Website – link

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