Natural Resources Program

The Texas 4-H Program offers diverse projects and activities involving exploring and experiencing the vast natural resources within the state. Projects include 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP), 4-H Outdoor Challenge, 4-H Wildlife Project, 4-H Sportfishing Project, 4-H Shooting Sports Project, events and activities related to each project, a variety of summer camp experiences, and a wide array of curriculum enrichment school programs. In addition, training opportunities are available for adults and youth throughout the year. Dates and locations are frequently updated on the Texas 4-H Natural Resources Program calendar and within specific program webpages.

natural_outdoorchallenge copyAs never before, today’s youth face an ever- increasing disassociation with nature and its resources. This is as a result of many factors including urbanization, educational priorities, family structure, culture, priorities, values, and beliefs. Learn More

SportfishingFishing is an easy outdoor activity that is fun for the entire family, and provides much more than just the catch. Remember though, the activity is called “fishing”, not “catching”. Learn More

The Shooting Sports Project is a comprehensive introduction to shooting sports safety and the fundamentals of archery, pistol, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloading, and hunting.
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Wildlife is all around us regardless of where we live and how wild or not the world around us seems. Only a matter of observation will open a person’s eyes, along with their other senses, to the natural world of the living creatures among us.
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