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Youth are invited to join a 4-H club in their community or on their installation! Youth who are eight years old and in third grade through 18 may join. 4-H opportunities are available on Texas installations including Fort Bliss, Fort Hood, Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston, Joint Base San Antonio Lackland AFB, Laughlin AFB, Goodfellow AFB, Sheppard AFB, Joint Base San Antonio Randolph AFB, Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Naval Air Station Ft. Worth and Naval Air Station Kingsville through their youth/teen programs office. Making new friends and getting involved in 4-H project areas such as food & nutrition, health, gardening, photography, fine arts, community service/leadership, dog training and other project areas are key to success in 4-H. NOTE:  Projects vary at each installation. Activities may include club meetings; educational workshops, camps, county or project fairs, leadership conferences and many opportunities for recognition.

  • 4-H Military Partnership website – link
  • 2013 Texas 4-H Military Corporate Report – PDF

Ashley Staab
4-H Military Administrative Assistant – Temple

4-H TECH WIZARDStechwizards

The mission of 4-H Tech Wizards is to provide a culturally responsive afterschool, small group mentoring program. Tech Wizard capitalizes on youth ages 6-18, interested in emerging technology as a way of involving underrepresented youth and their families in learning basic life and workforce skills and aspiring to post-secondary education, productive jobs and careers, and community engagement. 4-H Tech Wizards enhances learning by providing the targeted student group with technology training that the students request, delivered in partnership with 4-H, schools, volunteers, libraries, non-profits, and other community partners. Students learn STEM related skills from adult mentors who provide positive role models for the students to emulate. Also, students learn life skills such as goal setting, problem solving, presentation and public speaking skills and decision-making.

Program Goals:

  • Encourage youth to complete high school
  • Provide youth with the experience of being a community resource through their community service projects.
  • Encourage family and community support for youth participants by increasing understanding and informed use of technology by family and community members at service learning sites.
  • Encourage participation in a community driven collaboration that addresses developmental needs of at-risk youth.
  • Recognize and value all collaborating organizations for providing resources for youth development.
  • Provide long-term, sustainable organizations, relationships and programs focused on youth life-skills development (i.e. presentations, goal setting, and work place standards).
  • Encourage youth to consider careers in technology, math and science.
  • Create and deliver high quality experiential learning opportunities that enable youth to develop IT/STEM competencies and life skills through involvement in real-world projects.


  • 4-H Tech Wizards Overview – PDF
  • Visit the 4-H National Mentoring Website – link

Samantha Wilson
Extension Assistant – 4-H Tech Wizards – Temple
(254) 774-6046

Lindsey Jewell
Extension Assistant – 4-H YFP/Tech Wizards – Dallas
(972) 952-9283

Nicole Shonkwiler
4-H Program Assistant – Temple
(254) 774-6022

Donna Lawless
4-H Program Assistant – Temple
(254) 774-6022

Kimberly Elder
4-H Program Assistant – Rosenberg


Youth and Families with Promise is a mentoring program. Youth meet with mentors twice a month, participate in a 4-H club, and attend Family Night Out with their entire family once a month at WALIPP Academy in Houston, Texas.

The mission of Youth and Families with Promise is to increase the developmental assets of youth, ages 10-14, and their families. This mission is accomplished by utilizing culturally appropriate, early-intervention strategies such as one-to-one mentoring, involvement in 4-H clubs, and family activities. Youth and Families with Promise is designed to increase youth’s interpersonal competence, improve youth’s academic performance, and strengthen family relationships.

The funding for this program comes from the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention through National 4-H Council.

Lindsey Jewell
Extension Assistant – YFP/4-H Tech Wizards – Dallas
(972) 952-9283

Glenda Muhammad
4-H Program Assistant – Houston


The 4-H Military Partnership grant creates opportunities and provides support to military connected youth whether they live on or near an installation or in our communities. 4-H clubs and opportunities provide consistency in belonging and an opportunity to develop life skills through a positive youth development framework. As military families move frequently and experience the difficulties surrounding deployment and reintegration, 4-H provides predictable programming and a safe and nurturing environment for military connected children and youth.

The 4-H Military Partnership grant in Texas is providing training for installation staff members, organizing 4-H clubs and teen councils, and providing STEM and Healthy Living activities and camps.

The 4-H Military Partnerships represent a collaboration of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Defense, Military Community and Family Policy, Army Child, Youth and School Services, Air Force Child and Youth Programs, Navy Child and Youth Programs, Coast Guard, National Guard Bureau. and Texas A&M University to partner with Active Duty installation programs and National Guard and Reserve to support children and youth in their local communities.

Cari Hutcherson
4-H Program Assistant – El Paso

Local/Regional Support Grant – Cooking Clubs

The Local/Regional Program Support Grant supports the development of resilient school-age youth of military connected families especially those of Army Reserve and Army National Guard service members. In the Fort Worth area Texas 4-H Military has created a 4-H Cooking Club supported by the Tarrant County 4-H office.

The club is using the 4-H Cooking Science curriculum to learn cooking and nutrition skills. They are competing in the Food Challenge competition, hearing from guest chefs, doing service projects, get to go on culinary field trips and will attend a one-day summer camp in 2015.

The Local/Regional Program Support Grant is funded by the US Army through Kansas State University.

Shelly Knapp
4-H Program Assistant – Fort Worth

4-H Air Force Partnership

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – 4-H Youth Development Program demonstrates its commitment to Air Force Families through their involvement as a sponsoring University for the 4-H Air Force Partnership. Air Force Youth Programs and 4-H Extension Agents throughout the world work to establish and sustain 4-H clubs and programs at Air Force Bases.

There are three Extension Youth Development Specialists on assignment with HQ Air Force to provide leadership, technical assistance, training and resources to foster the relationship between Air Force Youth Programs, State 4-H Military Liaisons and local County 4-H Extension staff in order to build 4-H programs and provide 4-H opportunities for military families, youth and staff. Specific strategies will also be identified to support the geographically dispersed Guard and Reserve youth.

Military Partnership – link

Penny Dale
Extension Program Specialist

4-H Air Force – San Antonio
(210) 395-7251

AARP Mentor Up/4-H Tech Wizards

AARP Mentor Up/ 4-H Tech Wizards is a pilot program between Texas, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. The program is an afterschool opportunity targeting youth who tend to be underrepresented in STEM fields. The goal is to engage more young people in science and related fields to support future career exploration through real-time science application. School-age youth develop important life and workplace skills while developing confidence in their ability to live successful and contributing lives. The focus will be on STEM related curricula related to help youth learn about areas such as new media technologies, environment and water science and GIS/GPS mapping.

We will train a minimum of 30 youth and they will be given the opportunity to create innovative community-service solutions to support cross-generational technology learning for vulnerable, identified adults age 50 and older. Youth will train the older adults on how to use a tablet/iPad, iPhone, Google Maps, Skype and use of the Internet (eBay, banking, etc.). Adults will be targeted through nursing homes, senior citizen centers, Rotary and Lions Clubs.

Jessica Epps
4-H Program Assistant – College Station

Laura Epps
4-H Program Assistant – Georgetown

Welcome Home Garden

The Burpee Seed Company has an initiative called “Welcome Home Garden,” 10 packets of seeds (8 vegetable and 2 flower) they want supporting veterans, service members and their families. The physical packet includes Zinnia, Marigold, lettuce, tomato, spinach, sweet pepper, radish, cucumber, carrot and squash and growing seasons for the regions. The packets are already assembled and the recipes included. This project would continue for at least two years.

Please be sure that you are meeting the criteria from Burpee Seed for distribution or use of the seeds. The seeds are for returning military service members and veterans and their families. They want the seed packets to be in the hands of these people or planted in their honor. Victory gardens and welcome home gardens planted to honor service members would meet the criteria as well. Planting gardens and giving the produce to military families is another way to meet the criteria. Giving the seed pouches to military families to plant gardens or helping them plant the gardens works too.

This opportunity could serve as a great community service or service learning project for your youth/adult groups, master gardeners, junior master gardeners and community partners. If your county would like to participate, we would be happy to mail you the seed packets. Please, see request form for ordering information.


  • Welcome Home Garden Logo – PDF
  • Seed requests (order form) – PDF
  • The National News Release – PDF

Summer Camps

Summer is such an exciting time for kids; it marks the end of a school year, a change in temperature, and the opportunity to try new and exciting things at camp. If your children are looking for something exciting to do, the 4-H Military Program is here to help. Each year, the 4-H Military Program and our partners provides summer camp opportunities for military children, giving them a chance to have fun, meet new people, and develop skills that will benefit them for years to come. While fun is the most important aspect of our camps, another key aspect is bringing military youth together who may have had similar experiences and are able to share how they have dealt with these challenges.

2015 Summer Camp Schedule and Contacts

Camp Name Dates Location Contact Youth Capacity Eligibility Child Ages
Family Camp June 8-12 4-H Center, Brownwood lindsey.jewell@ag.tamu.edu 100 youth/adults All Branches 8 to 18
Tech Wizards Camp June 15-18 4-H Center, Brownwood samantha.wilson@ag.tamu.edu 25 Youth in the Tech Wizards Program 10 to 17
Air Force Regional June 22-27 Harden House, Austin nicole.shonkwiler@ag.tamu.edu 40 Air Force, ANG, AFR Youth 13 to 18
Navy Camp July 9-17 Harden House, Austin nicole.shonkwiler@ag.tamu.edu 24 Navy Youth (must apply through Navy Youth Center) 13 to 18
ANG/AFR Camp July 14-16 Ellington Field, Houston samantha.wilson@ag.tamu.edu 50 Air Force, ANG, AFR, Army Reserve and Army National Guard Youth 8 to 12
ANG/AFR Camp July 21-23 Houston, American Legion Post by Ellington Field samantha.wilson@ag.tamu.edu 30 Air Force, ANG, AFR Youth 13 to 18
ANG/AFR Camp July 7-9 NAS Fort Worth JRB shelly.knapp@ag.tamu.edu 30 Air Force, ANG, AFR Youth 8 to 18
Cooking Camp Summer 2015 NAS Fort Worth JRB shelly.knapp@ag.tamu.edu 50 Youth in the 4-H Cooking at NAS Fort Worth JRB 8 to 18


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