International Exchange opportunity

internationalexchange_headerIn an ever changing world, it’s imperative to understand new cultures and languages and be willing to accept all people, along with their different cultures, customs and values. The Texas 4-H program partners with Texas Global Education and Cultural Exchange to offer several month-long international exchange programs.

Opportunity to host International visitors from Japan

2015 dates are July 21 – August 19

Expand your horizons and learn about another culture in a unique way. This exchange program offers the opportunity to host a child of the same age and sex as your own and to learn about his/her family life, food, culture and customs while you share yours with them.

Teach your guest how to cook your favorite American dishes and learn how to make favorites from their country.  See  local sights with fresh eyes as you show them Texas.  Develop friendships as you share in the day-to-day life of your host brother or sister.

Open your heart and home to a global visitor and learn exiting new things about your world!

Texas Global Education’s program not only opens the door to hosting a student from another country, we create opportunities to learn about that culture and to jump-start the ‘getting to know you’ process through arrival and departure parties and orientation sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How will we be able to communicate? Do they speak English?
A. Some, they are learning English; most of the delegates will be able to verbally communicate.

Q.   What are we supposed to do with our delegate?
A.    Experience family life, treat them like ‘one of the family’. Go with you on family outings, shopping experiences, etc. They can attend 4-H events with you, whatever your normal schedule dictates; just let them be a part of that.

Q.   Do they have classes to attend?
A.   No. We only expect you to attend your orientation and the arrival and departure parties. The delegates are ‘out of school’ while visiting Texas. You are welcome to plan a get together with other host families during the home stay.

Q.   I have a daughter. Will my delegate be a girl?
A.   Your delegate will be of the same sex as the host child.

Q.   How old will he/she (delegate) be?
A.   We will choose a child as close to your child’s age as possible.

Q.   Do we keep contact with his/her parents?
A.   During the exchange, no. Afterword, yes! We hope this develops into a lifelong friendship, but you are not required to be in contact with the family during the stay.

Outbound programs to Japan and Costa Rica are developing, please contact Dr. Darlene Locke for more information or to receive additional information on hosting a visitor from Japan.

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