The Texas 4-H Golf Project was developed by county Extension agents, 4-H Specialists, and others to provide youth the opportunity to participate in an outdoor sporting event. While participating, youth also have the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge in the areas of sports nutrition, golf course and turf grass management, and the rules and etiquette of golf. The Texas 4-H Golf Project was developed after a number of important statistics were identified.

  • Twenty-three UIL sanctioned events give more than one million student-athletes the opportunity to compete.
  • 16.3% of youth ages 2-19 are obese (2003-2006, CDC).
  • The United States is losing two acres of mostly prime farmland every minute to development (2002, American Farmland Trust).

Why are all three of these statistics important? Youth love to participate in athletic events, Texas and the U.S. is experiencing a serious obesity problem in youth, and people must become more aware of how urban sprawl is affecting the land around us and the opportunities that are present as a result of this sprawl. Incorporating an event like the Texas 4-H Golf Project will give youth the opportunity to participate in an athletic event while understanding, sports nutrition, the rules and etiquette of golf, learn about the opportunities present in golf course and turf grass management.

Golf SPIN Club Model

  • Golf SPIN Club Model – Coming Soon!

Golf Curriculum

  • Winning with Nutrition Curriculum – link
  • Turf Grass and Golf Course Management Resource (TAMU Turfgrass) – link
  • Rules and Etiquette of Golf (USGA) – link
  • Purchase rules and etiquette visit the following site – link
  • Powerpoint: Cultivation & Layering – PPT
  • PowerPoint: Fertilization – PPT
  • PowerPoint: Mowing, Irrigation & Overseeding – PPT
  • PowerPoint: Weeds, Insects & Diseases – PPT
  • Golf Project Resources – link
  • National Golf Foundation – link
  • Golf SPIN Club Project Overview – PDF
  • Golf SPIN Club Model Club Meetings – Word
  • Golf Club Activities – PDF
  • Getting Started…Keys to Establishing a Successful Golf SPIN Club! – Word

Golf Challenge

  • Podcast with Dr. Kyle Merten on the Golf Challenge – link
  • Texas 4-H Golf Challenge Logo –  JPG
  • Texas 4-H Golf Challenge Manual – PDF
  • North Event – TBD
  • South Event  – TBD
  • State – PDF


  • Swing Camp – PDF

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