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The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program offers a variety of opportunities to learn, lead and serve. Listed below are a few state-wide events and activities. Check with your county or district office for information about local opportunities.
4H Day At The Capitol    Ag Products ID Contest
This event is a day filled with 4-H being recognized in both the House of Representatives and Senate Chambers. This event takes place when legislature is in session on the odd years. Learn More   20 Texas agricultural products are selected and exhibited at separate stations. Contestants select the correct identification of each product from four possible answers. Learn More
Beekeeping Essay Contest   Dog Show
The Beekeeping Essay Contest is sponsored by the The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc. Any youth interested in participating in the contest must follow the instructions for the Texas selection process. Learn More   All breeds, including mixed, are welcome to compete after they have met the minimum requirements. Dog and 4-H member teams can compete in five different classes, such as: obedience or rally, conformation, showmanship, drill team, and/or costume. Learn More
Golf Project   Healthy Lifestyles
The Texas 4-H Golf Challenge was developed by county Extension agents, 4-H Specialists, and others to provide youth the opportunity to compete in an outdoor sporting event. Learn More   Throughout the Texas 4-H & Youth Development Program, more than 120,000 youth participate in healthy lifestyles programs, encompassing the food and nutrition, health and safety projects. Learn More
International Exchange   Leadership Conference
The Texas 4-H program partners with Texas Global Education and Cultural Exchange to offer several month-long international exchange programs. Learn More   Texas 4-H Leadership Conference is the recognition event for senior 4-H members who have been recognized with a first place state winning record book. Learn More
MASH Camp   National 4-H Conference
Provides youth an opportunity to learn about higher education and career opportunities in the areas of medicine, accident and safety prevention and health. Activities include tours and hands-on experiences at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center, Health Research Labs, interaction with first responders, passenger safety and accident prevention demonstrations. Learn More   The National 4‐H Conference is a working conference in which youth and adults assist in the development of recommendations to help guide 4‐H Youth Development Programs nationally and in their communities. Learn More
National 4-H Congress   Photography Contest
The Congress provides youth a quality, educational, and cross-cultural experience that exceeds what any state independently provides. Learn More   The Texas 4-H Photography Contest encourages self-expression and allows youth to demonstrate skills learned in the area of photography, including the use of photographic equipment and process of photographs. Learn More
Recordbooks   Roundup
Recordkeeping is a very valuable skill taught to members of the Texas 4-H program. Members are encouraged to keep project records and have these records reviewed annually by submitting a Texas 4-H Recordbook. Learn More   State 4-H Roundup is a qualifying and invitational event for youth between the ages of 11 and 18 that have successfully placed in a qualifying event at the district level or signed up to compete in an invitational event at the state level. Learn More
Shooting Sports   Texas 4-H Congress
The Shooting Sports Project is a comprehensive introduction to shooting sports safety and the fundamentals of archery, pistol, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloading, and hunting. Learn More   Texas 4-H Congress allows 4-H members to experience the law making process first hand by writing, submitting, and then serving as a member of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Press, or as a Lobbyist. Learn More
Texas 4-H Science   Volunteer Conference
Texas 4-H has launched the 4-H Science, Engineering and Technology with the national initiative to bring the Science back into 4-H project work. Learn More   The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program will be sponsoring a state-wide leader training to prepare the new generation of 4-H volunteers to lead and instruct our members. Learn More
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