FCS 101

The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program places great value on the 4-H Family and Consumer Sciences projects. These projects expose 4-H members to the academic disciplines of family and consumer science and help them gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to daily life. These projects also teach leadership skills.

Under the 4-H FCS 101 Initiative, resources and training have been developed to support new county Extension agents (Family and Consumer Science and 4-H and Youth Development). The purpose of this resource guide is to help agents understand the 4-H Family and Consumer Science projects and how to manage them.

The following are the objectives for the 4-H FCS 101 Initiative:

  • Create a systematic plan for orienting new county Extension agents to their important role in leading and overseeing the county 4-H Family and Consumer Science program.
  • Develop a training curriculum and resources to help new agents understand their role and responsibilities in managing county 4-H Family and Consumer Science programs.
  • Enhance new agents’ understanding of the importance of volunteers in the 4-H program and of their relationships with these volunteers.
  • Provide reference materials about rules, guidelines and critical deadlines related to 4-H Family and Consumer Science projects.


  • Managing County 4-H Family & Consumer Science Projects (complete guide – PDF)


  • Overview of 4-H FCS Projects – PDF
  • Maximizing Recognition in 4-H – PDF
  • 4-H Project Goal Setting Worksheet – PDF
  • 4-H Project Timeline – PDF

Program Management

  • 4-H Volunteer Development – PDF
  • 4-H Contest Resources – PDF
  • Academic Eligibility & Extracurricular Status – PDF
  • Importance of Effective Communication – PDF
  • Searching for Educational, Research-based Information on the Web – PDF
  • 4-H Evaluation Tools – PDF

4-H Food & Nutrition Project

  • Food & Nutrition Project Overview – PDF
  • Food Show Essentials – PDF
  • Food Show Planning Guide – PDF
  • Food Challenge Essentials – PDF
  • Food Challenge Planning Guide – PDF
  • Nutrition Quiz Bowl Essentials – PDF
  • Nutrition Quiz Bowl Planning Guide – PDF

4-H Clothing & Textiles Project

  • Clothing & Textiles Project Overview – PDF
  • Fashion Show Essentials – PDF
  • Fashion Storyboard Essentials – PDF
  • Fashion Show & Storyboard Contest Planning Guide – PDF

4-H Consumer Education Project

  • Consumer Education Project Overview – PDF
  • Consumer Decision Making Essentials – PDF
  • Consumer Decision Making Planning Guide – PDF

Other 4-H FCS Projects

  • Family Life Project Overview – PDF
  • Health Project Overview – PDF
  • Healthy Lifestyles Invitational Essentials – PDF
  • Housing & Home Environment Project Overview – PDF
  • Safety Project Overview – PDF

Additional Contest Opportunities(applies to all 4-H FCS Projects)

  • Educational Presentation Essentials – PDF
  • Educational Presentation (Roundup) Planning Guide – PDF
  • Recordbook Essentials – PDF
  • Recordbook Judging Planning Guide – PDF


Courtney Dodd
Extension 4-H Youth Development Specialist
4180 Highway 6
College Station, TX 77845
Phone: 979-845-6533
Fax: 979-845-6495
E-mail: cfdodd@ag.tamu.edu

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