National 4-H Week

National 4-H Week is upon us! We are so excited to share what 4-H is all about so you can help spread the word! Check out this video to help kick off what we know will be an amazing week for 4-H’ers across the country!

A fundamental purpose of the 4-H Program is to highlight our program’s success and especially the youth that are involved in it.  Each year, during National 4-H Week, the local and county 4-H clubs/groups have the opportunity to showcase what they have gained from their membership in 4-H through activities and events at the local and county level.  The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program develops a National 4-H Week Kit to help County Extension Offices, 4-H members, and volunteers design a National 4-H Week plan that works for them. National 4-H Week will be October 5th through the 11th, 2014.

 General Information

  • National 4-H Week 7 Days of Celebration – PDF
  • National 4-H Youth Science Day – October 8th – link
    Any event taking place on, or around, Wednesday, October 8th needs to be signed up.  You may even win a prize!  To register your event click HERE!
  • Texas Oneday 4-H – October 11 – link
  • Welcome New 4-H Members – PDF
  • Agrilife Today News Release – link


  • Proclamation: Commissioner Courts Proclamation – PDF
  • Proclamation: City Council and Others Proclamation – PDF

Social Media

Join Texas 4-H for a week full of celebration and fun during the 2014 National 4-H Week, October 5-11, 2014.  To celebrate the success of 4-H we are going social all week and want you to be part of the fun!  Regardless of your social media choice – Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you can be part of it!


Twitter – Tell your story in the 140 characters and post it so Texas 4-H can see your awesome story.  Post your tweets with #Texas4H and #iam4H


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Change your profile and banner and show your pride in Texas 4-H.  Post something about your 4-H experience and tag it with #Texas4H and #iam4H.
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