National 4-H Week

A fundamental purpose of the 4-H Program is to highlight our program’s success and especially the youth that are involved in it.  Each year, during National 4-H Week, the local and county 4-H clubs/groups have the opportunity to showcase what they have gained from their membership in 4-H through activities and events at the local and county level.  The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program develops a National 4-H Week Kit to help County Extension Offices, 4-H members, and volunteers design a National 4-H Week plan that works for them. National 4-H Week will be October 6th through the 12th, 2013.

 General Information

  • National 4-H Week Seven Days of Celebration – PDF
  • National 4-H Youth Science Day – October 9th – link | PDF
  • Texas Oneday 4-H – October 12 – link
  • Welcome New 4-H Members – PDF
  • Agrilife Today News Release – link


Program Shells/Covers

  • Banquet and/or Program Cover Color – Version 1
  • Banquet and/or Program Cover Color – Version 2
  • Banquet and/or Program Cover Color – Version 3
  • Banquet and/or Program Cover Color – Version 4

Covers have a 1/4″ white border for clean printing purposes.


2×4 4×6 6.25X7
national4hweek_ads_2X4_b&w_1colJPG national4hweek_ads_4X6__b&w_1colJPG national4hweek_ads_6.25X7__b&w_1colJPG


national4hweek_meme_campdanceJPG national4hweek_meme_cryingmomJPG national4hweek_meme_jamminJPG national4hweek_meme_obeycloverJPG
national4hweek_meme_ranchdressingJPG national4hweek_meme_walkthiswayJPG national4hweek_meme_willmonJPG national4hweek_meme_facebookbolemanJPG
national4hweek_meme_bolemanJPG national4hweek_meme_bolemansmilingJPG national4hweek_meme_recordbook JPG national4hweek_meme_swineJPG

Social Media Banners

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